When you decide that you'd like to change the business which is hosting your sites, you shall need to move all of the content to the servers of the new one, which may not be an easy task if you do not have a great deal of experience or you just have no time to get it done. If you have an HTML website, it shall not be difficult to move it as the migration is merely re-uploading all of the files to your new account, but in case you have a script-driven site and you need to transfer a database, then link the website to it, and in addition you would like to transfer mailboxes that you have created for your domain name, you could find the whole process problematic. To make things simpler if you choose to get an Internet hosting account from our firm, we offer website migration as a free of charge service with all of our Internet hosting packages, helping you save the time, funds and work which you shall otherwise need to spend to migrate the content yourself.