An error log is a listing of the error messages and warnings which appeared for one reason or another while your visitors were browsing your website. This sort of a log provides raw information about the way the hosting server has addressed requests a number of situations. An error message might appear if, for example, a link leads to a website or a file that is not on the hosting server, if the code on a given page can't be processed, if anyone is trying to access the Internet site or its back office using an IP address which is blocked by an .htaccess rule and so on. The information within the error log offers the IP address of the website visitor, what error message showed up and the root cause for the server to display it, the entire path to the file that generated the error and the specific time of the event. Having this info will allow you to determine if any part of your Internet site has a problem, which you could then fix. Therefore, your website visitors will have a better experience and you will boost the Internet site for optimum performance.