Should you ever experience a problem with your website and be incapable of resolving it, ask the respective web hosting provider’s customer service staff to assist you to get the site back online. A timely solution would be the best scenario, but a lot of hosting companies answer within 24 hours and even more, especially if you’re doing business with a hosting reseller. Even if your problem can be solved without much effort, your website may not function satisfactorily or it may not be accessible at all for a longer period of time, so you may lose prospective clients because it’s quite unlikely that anyone will be eager to revisit an inoperational site. Thus, you have to make sure not only that you can reach your hosting company, but also that they can answer and assist you in a well-timed manner. If an app update does not go as planned or you delete something incidentally, for instance, the site must be fixed quickly in order to prevent lengthened unreachability.