Perl is a powerful programming language that's frequently used for creating CGI scripts as well as a variety of web-based apps. One of its major advantages is the fact that it works with modules - ready-made batches of program code which are used to perform a variety of tasks and to enhance the effectiveness of a certain script without clogging it with unnecessary lines of program code. In other words, when five processess have to be performed, you can employ five lines of code in order to call each of the modules instead of adding a couple of hundred lines used to create the actual modules within your script. Perl is very useful and it may be used for a number of purposes, that's why a lot of companies have integrated it in their web products or on their high-traffic websites - cPanel, IMDB, Craigslist, BugZilla, BBC and a lot more. It is generally used in addition to other languages for example PHP or Python.